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Do you want to get involved and join our mission?  We have many volunteer opportunities.  There’s a place for everyone!

If you want to be put on the Volunteers list, please email [email protected] 

Mention any areas that interest you most in helping and we will let you know when we’re ready.

  • Help raise awareness. Tell your neighbors, friends, co-workers, church, organizations, etc. about MNTLC.  We’d be happy to present and inform groups about the issues surrounding homelessness in the Brainerd Lakes Area and share our ideas for solutions.                           
  • Assist with fundraising and home sponsorship campaigns.  Rally your friends, family, and co-workers to join and help sponsor a home.
  • Contribute to the cause.  Giving just $10 a month makes a huge difference with enough people joining in.  While our biggest expenses will be construction of the homes, we still have ongoing bills that need to be paid such as property assessments, insurances, taxes, accounting fees, etc.  Become a Foundational Giver on the Donate tab or a one-time giver.

  • Clear and prepare the property.  Do you want to help cut trees and clear brush?  There will be lots of opportunities to help here!

  • Volunteer to help with construction.  Once the Creekside Center and housing units get to the stage of being weather-proofed, we will need help with finishing all interior work.  This includes sheetrock, flooring, cabinet installation, painting, trim work, hanging doors, final details such as closets – towel bars – handles/knobs, etc.

  • Coordinate recovery support meetings on site.

  • Assist with the Employment Preparation course.  Help teach and offer support.  Coordinate with businesses for interviews, explore entrepreneurial ideas, aide in liaison support with employers.

  • Build playground area, install park benches.

  • Help with landscaping.  Trees, bushes, plants, grass all will need to be planted and the ground leveled and prepared.  Gardens and park areas will need to be created.  If you have design skills, that help will be welcomed also. 
  • Help furnish and decorate the homes.  If you like to go to garage-sales, shop for deals, or re-finish furniture, this might be a great volunteer opportunity for you.  We’ll need furniture, kitchen supplies, and towels and bedding, and items to decorate the homes.

  • Become a Supportive Friend.  Supportive Friends are friends/mentors who offer help and relationship support to residents in Creekside Community and throughout the lakes area.  They may also become a liaison between the resident and employer to help with any issues that may arise, so the resident is better able to maintain employment.

  • Create the “Donor Thank you” art display.  Do you have artistic talent?  We have the start of a design for our donor wall and will need someone to bring it to life!

  • Teach a class.  Once the Creekside Center is open, we want to offer residents and other neighbors the opportunity to learn new skills and gain information.  These could range from gardening, cooking, home maintenance, finances and budgeting, relationship skills, art and crafts, other hobbies, exercise, etc.

  • Create our welcome sign.

  • Help create a Memorial Garden – a quiet area for those who have lost loved ones.

  • Install fencing and security systems.

  • And more areas to come….