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our motivation

Every day, there are people who wonder where they will sleep that night. Each person has a story.  Each person has suffered great loss.  The path to be able to sustain themselves seems impossible to find.  We want to change that and provide hope for a better future and a safe place of belonging; a place to call home.  Will you join our coalition and help empower people to make lasting changes in their lives and the lives of their families?

The inspiration for our name:  After quoting the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself, Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?”  He replied by telling the story of the good Samaritan who came across someone in need who was robbed, beaten, and stripped. The good Samaritan showed mercy. Jesus then said, “Go and do the same.”   

 Let’s open our eyes to see the ones today who have been robbed of their dignity, beaten by negative experiences, and stripped of understanding their worth as a human loved by God.

Several caring folks in central Minnesota have joined together to form this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to respond to that call; to love the ones in need by lifting them up.  They are – “My Neighbor to Love”.  

our mission

Guided by the love of God, our mission is to end homelessness and lift people out of extreme poverty in central Minnesota.  We understand that chronic and long-term homeless is often the result of a lack of resources and a lack of relationships. Our plan will focus on three essential areas: Building Homes, Building Healthy Lives, and Building Community.

We believe every person needs a home, a safe place to sleep and live and just be. Primary needs must first be met in order to address other issues.  We will accomplish this goal by creating neighborhoods with small, affordable houses.

The second focus area is health, being sound in mind and body.  By identifying each person’s needs, health concerns, and areas of potential improvement (whether it be relationship, physical, financial, or mental health, etc.), we will be able to match them to solution-based resources, provide education and training, and also provide and/or find opportunities for them to become more self-sufficient.

Equally important is community, a place to belong. Our goal is to encourage caring for one another and for the community as a whole.  We will offer opportunities for socialization and tasks which require working together.  Our mission is to instill in each person, a sense of worth in themselves and within each other, creating values of community, responsibility, and belonging. 



Data shows over 944 known people experienced homelessness in central Minnesota in 2018. Those figures don’t count those doubling up or not showing up to be counted, so in truth those numbers are much higher. A Covid-19 grant allowed Crow Wing County to house 263 unduplicated households in 2020/2021. Children and young adults aged 24 and younger represent nearly half the homeless population. The number of adults aged 55+ experiencing homelessness increased 25% from 2015 to 2018, and that trend is expected to continue. The need is sobering. People living outside with no home have experienced trauma and isolation. They feel rejected by their community; outcast and abandoned.


Crow Wing County reports 10.8% of their population, over 7,000 people, live below the federal poverty guideline and neighboring Cass County reports 13.6%, over 4,000 people. Many households with extremely low income pay more than 30% of their income on housing and are just one paycheck away from becoming homeless. Finding affordable rental housing is a major problem.


Homelessness results in an economic burden on a community. According to the Interagency Council on Homelessness, housing people alone can reduce the cost to taxpayers by an annual average of over $20,000 per person due to less usage of emergency, jail, court, and other services. That means getting only 50 people off the streets and into supportive housing can result in a savings of over $1,000,000 each year. Additionally, decreasing homelessness improves the quality of the community with less loitering and encampment areas, and a lower crime rate.


Lift people up...

by loving them well. We believe that means meeting each person where they are at, match support and services to their identified needs, and help lift them up to reach their full potential. Empowering individuals to become as self-sufficient as possible restores hope and dignity.

Lift people up out of homelessness...

by providing a safe and affordable house to live in. Our goal is to build housing units in a safe and supportive neighborhood/village environment. Everyone who qualifies and follows the basic rules can live there permanently and have a place to call home.

Lift people up out of poverty...

by promoting employment. The only real way out of poverty is to increase income and lower expenses. Programs and handouts provide help but can also create dependency and keep people stuck without experiencing real and lasting change. Our plan is to match each person to job skills training, assist in finding employment, and promote entrepreneurial opportunities as well.

Lift people up out of isolation and loneliness...

by providing a community that works together and creates a sense of belonging. Socialization opportunities are provided within a community center, park, community gardens, support meetings, church services and/or Bible studies, and multiple planned activities and events.

Lift people up out of unhealthy living...

by providing onsite mental health therapy; support groups; life and relationship skills training; and classes in healthy living, diet, and meal preparation. Other classes of interest including arts and crafts will provide opportunities for expression and healing.

Lift people up out of a limited view of their future...

by helping each person see the potential in their lives. Our plan is to also focus on unhoused young adults and those aging out of the foster care system. Our goal is to help launch them into adulthood, with extra guidance, training, and support to get them started on a positive path for their future.