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Frequently Asked Questions

The property is in NW Brainerd, MN, between 4th and 2nd Streets, north of James Street. The land is currently wooded and undeveloped.  

 The property encompasses 9 acres; 6 of which are buildable.  It was originally platted for 21 buildable lots.

We plan on building in phases starting with the block between 2nd and 3rd Street.  Re-platting this block into single lots would allow for only about 15  homes. We want to maximize the use of the land without compromising privacy and our unique multiplex design will accomplish this.  It requires a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) through the city and will allow us to build 24 or more housing units for singles and families.  

We are currently finalizing the designs for the CUP application and expect the studio units to be about 450 sq. ft. and family units between 650 and 900 sq. ft.

Our goal is to raise 2.3 million dollars in our capital campaign through grants, home sponsorships, fundraisers, and loans to cover the costs of the first twelve housing units and Creekside Center (community and health center).  Once this is complete, we will continue to raise funds until the entire property is developed.

Both.  Except for the possibility of building single-family homes, the buildings will be considered commercial, and the basic structure will be primarily built by contractors.  All finishing work (flooring, sheetrock, painting, trim, cabinets, etc.), landscaping, garden and park installation will be done by volunteers.

Our goal is to establish Creekside Community as a self-sustaining project based on the rent from Creekside Community residents.  Additionally, we   hope to generate income and supplement costs through short-term rental units built on the land across from the community near Whiskey Creek. 

Local residents were notified directly of MNTLC’s plan for an intentional living community to end chronic homelessness and were invited to a public          informational meeting. No opposition to the project has been voiced.

We are fortunate to have so many wonderful organizations in our area all working toward similar goals. Yes, we have been collaborating with other organizations and will continue to do so even more as we approach the start of development. 

Our priority is to assist those who are experiencing chronic or long-term homelessness in finding the means to pay the monthly rent and become a            resident of Creekside Community.  Others having trouble finding housing they can afford will also be welcomed. All residents must understand intentional living and agree to follow the rules in our handbook.

We encourage each potential resident to review the handbook and ask any questions before filling out an application. After an application is approved       and a home becomes available, the potential resident must then meet to review the handbook, have an opportunity to ask further questions, and take  a tour of the community to ensure this is the right fit for them.  We will work with local service providers with the application process.  (More details will be outlined before we reach the application stage.)

We are still finalizing the rental costs for each unit but expect starting rent for studio units to be less than $400/month.  More details will follow soon.

 Ultimately, that would be our desire and something we are looking into down the road.  Currently, all units will be rental only.

Residents must agree to follow the handbook and work together to maintain the property, with each resident contributing service hours each             month.  Home inspections are part of the agreement and maintenance will be included in the budget.

Each resident is expected to follow the rules in the handbook and be a good neighbor.  While we encourage each person to live with intention and          according to their own values, how each person chooses to handle their mental health or addictions is up to them, if their behaviors are not negatively impacting others.

The greatest support is within the community itself - neighbors helping neighbors.  Expanding on being a good neighbor, we invite other people in our community to become advocates, friends, and mentors. We will have an onsite therapy office for residents to schedule appointments and expect to host addiction recovery meetings.  Classes for employment preparation, and other classes for life-enhancement will be offered.

Creekside Center will be the hub of the community where neighbors can socialize.  It will have a full kitchen and gathering areas.  A classroom will be available for meetings and educational courses, and offices for staff and therapy will be located here also.  We plan on adding an exercise room and arts/crafts room.  The property will contain permaculture and food forest areas, gardens, parks, and a playground.

We anticipate hiring a full-time property manager once the community is developed.  Our ideal candidate will live on site.  Missional residents will occupy up to 20% of the housing units.  Missionals are people committed to intentional living and who want to support the community through              service and friendship.

Our nonprofit organization was created to respond to Jesus’ second greatest commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.  We believe loving well includes caring for those in need - by lifting them up to reach their full potential. Our values are based on Christian principles such as seeing the worth in each person as created by God in His image.  We also value dignity of work and the expression of God-given talents and purpose.